Monthly Archives: April 2011

Return of Miura

The bai continues to attract high numbers of elephants, mostly adult females and their young with only a few sizeable bulls. A few days ago we encountered a big bull in the river below camp upon our return after the daily observations. He calmly backed off and awaited our passage. I could clearly see that […]

Northern Threat

There have been reports of Sudanese poachers north of the area of the Dzanga Clearing. Reports coming in are mostly second and third hand and resemble the information that we received during the dry season in 2010 when there is movement of different groups in the northern part of the Central African Republic. In years […]

Early Wet Season Activity

The rains are starting and there is a different atmosphere at the Dzanga Clearing. Humidity is high with an occasional rainstorm. This has resulted in fewer large males observed in the clearing. However during the last ten days we have observed three musth males, two of which we have seen in musth in previous years. […]