Monthly Archives: June 2008

Still a Calmness

We are still experiencing a period of calm in the area with our daily observations of elephant numbering between 70 and 100 elephants. Around camp which is located two kilometers from the clearing we have heard no gunshots so the area is safe for the moment. Three days ago however I saw two leopard skins […]

Peace For the Moment

First of all I’d like to thank Melissa for her generous donation which will help us continue the work here at Dzanga. Thanks Melissa mille fois. These donations will help us defray the everyday expenses and give us time to devote to work. The situation at the Dzanga Clearing for the past week has been […]

Forest Elephant Personalities: Orlo

For those of us who are privileged enough to know a population of elephants, the first outstanding impression is how human they are. This is their most endearing quality. Family groups remain in close contact with each other, using vocalizations and when in proximity are very tactile. Knowing the individuals sets a stage for a […]

Protecting the Beast

Protecting forest elephants is a much more difficult task than protecting Savannah elephants. The forest is thick and seeing the wildlife as well as locating the poachers is labor intensive. All the patrols here in the forests of Central Africa are done on foot, therefore covering only a small part of the protected areas. So […]