Monthly Archives: May 2008

New Arrivals

Another remarkable day at the clearing, and in a way overwhelming. In the past two weeks we have observed four new calves to previously identified females. Two of the calves were born to older females whom we have known most of the study period of eighteen years. The calf born to Gonya was a male […]

A Great Sorrow

Many of us in the elephant world received the devastating news this week of the death of Hezy Shoshani. Hezy was killed in Addis Ababa as he returned from work at the university where he had been teaching for the last one and a half years. For Hezy elephants had been a life long obsession […]

The Operation Continues

The military operation to rout out elephant poaching in the Dzanga area continues with the hope today of apprehending one of the worst elephant poachers in the region. So we are all anxiously awaiting the news about today’s anti poaching activities.The current mission which will soon end targeted elephant poachers when the situation here worsened. […]


First off I would like to thank the following people for kindly donating to our work here. As I said before it is these donations which make the work possible to continue here. So thanks to Muriel T., Antonio C, and one “anonymous.” The money will go directly to maintaining work on conserving forest elephants. […]

Good News

Good news to report…. During the last week there has been a big military operation to rid this area of elephant poachers. As was written in several previous blogs the elephant poaching had been escalating and for the first time in 18 years elephants were shot in the Dzanga clearing. This resulted in the central […]

Poaching feedback

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to not only read the blog but take the time to comment on the situation. Poaching wherever it takes place is a complicated situation and is normally fueled not always by corruption but also poverty.  Elephant poaching in this part of the world is practiced by […]

buffalo kill

Another amazing experience in the forest. Guards came to camp the other day alerting me about an elephant carcass they found at the edge of the river just below the camp. All I could think of was more poaching. I hurried to have a look and there in the middle of the path at the […]

More poaching in Dzanga!

Another incident at Dzanga on the night of April 18th.  We heard the sound of gunshot again at about 18:30 and from the sound we knew it to be an AK47.  This is the strategy where here the sun sets at 18:00 and the poachers act knowing that guard patrols will not to risk the […]