Monthly Archives: December 2007

Digging In

Yesterday afternoon at the bai, the surface of the bai is drying up and the number of holes being opened up by the elephants is increasing by the day. One hole on the southern end of the bai is proving to be the favorite of the biggest bulls. It was comical today when each big […]

Forest Clearings or Bais

Dzanga Bai: Southern End The Dzanga clearing is often referred to as Dzanga bai, bai being the local Bayaka word for forest clearing. These clearings are numerous in this part of the Congo Basin and where they are protected from poachers and other human activity attract wildlife providing the best “window” in the forest. Bais […]

The Bulls Have Arrived

Habib The last two days at Dzanga have been overwhelming, the numbers soaring to well over one hundred. The weather although overcast and cloudy was a perfect temperature being cool and bugless. The real dry season is marked by the arrival of the biggest bulls in the Dzanga population and this year it has started […]